Tumbling My Life
Hell, today is the day…

This really doesn’t belong on my main blog. I’d be hard-pressed to convince the team that it belongs on ViralRead, a viral news site that I have partial ownership in. Call it ethics?

Last night, I was harassed. It’s a criminal offense in all 50 states.

Today, I woke up affirming that today is the day the Lord has made. I actually caught that in a tweet this morning. “Rejoice” I read. It’s so very important for people of the Christian faith to remember that. In good times, and bad — rejoice. I mean, rejoice! That’s a requirement of my faith and it is a trial to keep to it, especially in bad times.

Bill Schmalfeldt (just search for his name in any search engine) is probably one of the world’s worst online trolls. Troll? A deranged cyberstalking criminally harassing reprobate who takes delight in the suffering and taunting of anyone they perceive as their “enemy.” While the Internet has given way to this popular meme, it’s important to remember these people exist in real life. 

Some are our crazy neighbors, or in mental hospitals. They have a history of going from job to job, marriage to marriage, unable to secure happiness — blaming the world for their failure to socially integrate.

Their joy is found in robbing you of yours.

Bill Schmalfeldt has libeled me. He has slandered me. He has harassed my family, clients, childhood friends, people who follow or retweet me on Twitter. Why? Because he perceives me as his enemy.

It’s dangerous to support me. You too will be harassed. Evil things will be done to you.

Why does he call me his “enemy”? That’s awfully bizarre. Read on, this could happen to you…

I have supported bloggers and journalists who have written about convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin. I’ve done so by issuing press releases when bloggers have been trapped in court where Kimberlin attempts suppressing their free speech rights and by raising relief funds to help bloggers who have had to move, acquired legal fees, lost their jobs and suffered other financial difficulties. Kimberlin hates me though we’ve never spoken or really met.

For 17 months, I have lived in my own Hell as his small band cyber-thug supporters have done everything short of putting their hands on me. Remember, every terrorist has a fan club.

Last night, Schmalfeldt got what he wanted. He got my attention. Over 30 tweets in 30 minutes that were brought to my attention by people concerned with my physical safety.

Schmalfeldt has bragged about beating people in drunken rages, about his weapons and he has written about calling his family members to physically harm people.


He called my mother, someone who raised three boys all on her own, all while going to school and working full-time, a whore. She’s a veteran to this great country. She has achieved more in her life from less than Schmalfeldt could ever hope to achieve. That’s just being objective.


I run a start-up non-profit. It’s a side project of mine. The National Bloggers Club is my way of giving back. I put in my money, my time and professional network to work at giving back to bloggers. Why? I don’t think there are a group of people more advancing the cause for freedom. I truly believe that. It helps that I have hundreds of friends who are bloggers. I’m basically partying with my friends. Because of that, I’ve never wanted to sue anyone who calls themselves a “blogger.”

So I’ve got my pumpkin spice coffee, I’m filling up on worship music to ready my spirit for what promises to be an emotionally draining day and I’m filling up my schedule with calls to lawyers in three states which I reside and/or work.

Today, I say no more cyberbullying. No more criminal harassment. 

Our laws are still adapting to apply themselves to events that happen on the digital medium. Sure, a few more cyberbullying laws on the books wouldn’t hurt, but it’s important to remember that harassment is a technique, an action — it’s behavior. It doesn’t matter where it happens.


And it’s against the law. 

The more frequent citizens report crimes committed on the Internet, the quicker judges, prosecutors and law enforcement are to respond to future cases. There’s also a chilling effect. Once a few people grace the front pages of newspapers, put away in high-profile harassment cases, the less common it will become. The Internet isn’t the wild west and these cyber-outlaws need to be put on notice.

I don’t want to call the police. I don’t want to take on the thousands of dollars in legal fees this will cost me. I don’t want this whole situation to further sully my professional reputation. 

If I don’t, who is next? Who am I willing to allow to go through Hell? Bill Schmalfeldt has been doing this to people for years. He’s called CPS on mothers, he’s accused people, falsely, of prostitution, he’s attacked his own children and ex-wife — people who, like me, refuse to send him any direct correspondence.

You cannot convince Schmalfeldt that Twitter is a medium for thoughts that fit inside 140 characters. He goes on for pages and pages in rants which require one to string together 20, 30, sometimes 70 micro-blog posts (ie. tweets) together.

His threats of physical, professional and personal harm are his release. His new alcohol now that he has Parkinson’s disease.


Bill Schmalfeldt is still dangerous — Parkinson’s or not. And what he’s doing has been described as “criminal” by lawyers and law enforcement friends observing his 17-month long campaign of political online terrorism.

Bill Schmalfeldt has been adjudicated a harasser by the Maryland courts. He lives in Elkridge, Maryland. From his trailer, on his keyboard, the courts say he harasses.

Yesterday, the highest court in Maryland refused to hear his appeal to a restraining order against blogger, and my friend, John Hoge. Last week, Schmalfeldt embarrassed himself in court and was denied a loophole in the restraining order (called peace orders in Maryland) to further harass Hoge.


Mind you, Bill Schmalfeldt has confessed to criminal harassment. Prosecutors (which are called State’s Attorneys in Maryland) have warned Schmalfeldt to stop harassing people, informing him that he could face jail time. They gave him a free pass, a gracious move for an old man.


Schmalfeldt harassed me for 15 months before ever having a reply back from me other than (in accordance with Maryland and Texas law) to put him on legal notice to stop contacting me. 15 months - thousands of messages without reply or acknowledgement.

Twitter has suspended Schmalfeldt over a dozen times. He’s be banned dozens of times more. Facebook has banned him twice. Twice he’s sent death threats to me via Twitter that landed account suspensions.

26-year veteran journalist, Robert McCain, has covered Bill Schmalfeldt extensively in his editorials.

God keep me, because I need You now.

This is going to cost me a lot. If you feel inclined to help, please donate or sign-up for updates at BomberSuesBloggers.com. These funds won’t be used in my effort to see criminal harasser Bill Schmalfeldt brought to before judges, but it will help bloggers (including myself) against related evil — someone Schmalfeldt calls his “excellent friend,” the terrorist, convicted perjurer, bomber, and drug smuggler — Brett Kimberlin.

Your prayers and good thoughts are appreciated. Today, after all, is the day the Lord has made.

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